X-Met 5000/5100 XRF Alloy Mining Ore ROHS Analyzer PMI GUN Xray spectrometer Oxford 2019


X-Met 5000/5100 XRF Oxford Instruments’ portable XRF (X-ray fluorescence) analysers
Model: X-MET5100/ X-MET5000
Brand: Oxford Instrument

I. Functions

– For fastest scrap metal sorting and analysis (often called a ‘metal analysis gun’)
– For high speed PMI (Positive Material Identification) and QC/QA
– For fast and reliable compliance screening of restricted elements (‘elemental analyser’)
– For high speed reliable mine mapping and on-site ore analysis
– For fast on-site heavy metal analysis of soils (‘soil analyser’)

II. Configuration of X-Met 5000/5100 XRF

– Chargers
– Cables
– 2x Batteries
– Base XMET 5000/5001 Analyzer with Metals/Rohs/Plastics/Solder Modes Included
– Testing Base & Safety Cover
– AC Adapter (Euro)
– iPAQ with Charger & Cables.
– User Manual
– Hard Case

III. Feature

– Fast, single-shot heavy element analysis: Pb, As, Cr, Cu, Zn, Ni, Cd, Co, Se, Mo, Hg ,Sb, Ag, Ba etc.
– Al, Si, P, S analysis of prepared samples. No need for vacuum or He attachments! (X-MET5100)
– Fast measurement time: 30 – 120 seconds (X-MET5000) or 5 – 30 seconds (X-MET5100), depending on the elements of interest and required precision
– Low detection limits, X-MET5000 can typically detect 5 – 30 ppm concentration with a 120s measurement time. X-MET5100 detection limits are even lower and ppm level analysis can be achieved in just 10 – 30 seconds.
– Measures all 26 elements defined in EPA6200
– User interface in >10 languages
– Easy data storage and reporting
– IP54 (NEMA 3) approved. Superior dust and moisture protection
– CE, cCSAus certified

III. Application

– Positive material identification (PMI)
– Metal identification/scrap sorting
– Analysis of alloys and hazardous material analysis (RoHS screening)
– Analysis of heavy metals in soils on polluted lands and ores at mining sites
– Screening for lead in toys
– Detection of lead in paint

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