ECAS Air suspension control system module GL-AM0001


ECAS Air suspension control system module
Model: GL-AM0001
Origin: Vietnam/China

I. Functions

– Understanding for various components of the system
– Understanding for the working principle of the system
– Understanding for the main circuit of the system
– Testing of the signals of the system
– Main fault diagnosis and detection of the system

II. Configuration of the ECAS air suspension control system module GL-AM0001

– ECAS control unit
– Key switch
– DC and AC probes
– Brake pedal, Accelerator pedal
– Pedal height adjustment switch
– Damping adjustment switch
– LCD screen which displays diagnostic error codes
– Gauges
– Display system which displays the operating status of the air suspension system with components such as: air compressor, air valve, pneumatic shock absorber, damping controller, height sensor, electronic controller
– A regulator which can change the input signal such as: the load acting on the vehicle, road surface status, steering angle, door opening signal … The operating status of these components is adjusted by rheostat, switch and it is displayed by LEDs and LED strip
– Communication port is designed according to common standard for connecting to various trainers

III. Attachments

– Instruction document
– Maintenance manual
– Teaching materials

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