Chassis Dynamometer MST-35

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Voltage: 220v, 50hz
Maximum torque:200Nm
Maximum load speed:1500RPM


Chassis Dynamometer MST-35

Chassis Dynamometer for Motorcycle MST-35

I. Application of chassis dynamometer

This is some application of the chassis dynamometer MST-35:

  • Dynamic performance test (torque, speed, horsepower, etc.)
  • Fuel consumption (power consumption) test
  • Emissions-Exhaust gas test

II. Feature

– A chassis dynamometer is mainly used to test motorcycles, electric motorcycles, and other motor vehicles’ power, multi-condition emission index, fuel index, and other performance of indoor bench test equipment.

– The roller simulates the road surface, and the loading device simulates the loading, so as to realize the accurate simulation of the driving conditions of the motor vehicle, as well as the simulation of the resistance and the moment of inertia when accelerating and sliding.

– Chassis dynamometer torque and speed measured by the corresponding sensor can be used for the loading test of the motor vehicle, helping the motor vehicle performance at each stage of debugging, it can be equipped with an exhaust analyzer, smoke meter, and comprehensive measurement of vehicle exhaust emissions under different conditions.

– The chassis dynamometer MST-35 is easy to use, has reliable performance, not affected by external conditions. The performance of motor vehicle power systems can be detected accurately and quickly without disintegrating the locomotive. A chassis
dynamometer can be used not only for automobile and motorcycle science experiments but also for maintenance and testing.

– In measured motor vehicles, the chassis dynamometer is mainly composed of transition speed sensor simulation load (force sensor, speed sensor, etc.), the installation platform, connecting fixture, measurement and control system (instrumentation, software, etc.) electrical control system, the wind resistance simulation system, the exhaust gas analysis system, driver assistance systems, safety auxiliary system, etc.

III. Reports

The test process can be manually loaded or automatically loaded, the test results can be generated customized test reports, curve charts, etc., the process data can be generated in Word, Excel, or PDF format files, and data can be saved, edited, printed, etc. The interface of the test system is simple, easy to upgrade and maintain

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