Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ 


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Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+

Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST9000+

MST-9000+ Description:

This Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ is an indispensive car ECU repair tool,with newly update and more stable function. After many years R&D and times of upgrades,now our sensor signal simulation expert has been the most fix purchasing equipment with advance technology for many workshop and automobile training school.

Sensor Signal Simulation Tool Detailed Application Range:

1. Automobile sensor dynamic diagnosis, engine, transmission, ABS, air-conditin, Immo etc. for ECU repairing, auto teaching aid model driver, auotmobiles R&D.
2. This Sensor Signal Simulation Tool fit multi-brands cars made in Asia, Europe, USA.

Output Signal of Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation:

magnetic signals, Hall signals, optical signals
1. Actuator: Drive current 3A, 1% ~ 99% duty cycle continuously adjustable frequency
continuous adjustment;
2. Sensor Signal Simulation: resistance 100Ω ~ 10000Ω voltage of 0V ~ 5V × 2 0V ~ 1.5V
0V ~ 12V
3. The implementation of simulated driving: 69-channel simultaneous output
4. Stepper motor drive: current 1A, applicable to all vehicles with four, six, stepping
motor driver;
5. Ammeter maximum test current: 5A

Packing List of Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation:


1. Automobile Sensor Signal Simulation Tool MST-9000+ x1set
2. Data line 2
3. Power line 1
4. CD 1
5. USB cable 1

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